Alphacool Launches New Apex Distro Plate for HYTE Y60

Specially designed for the HYTE Y60, Alphacool has introduced the new Apex Distro Plate, offering an aesthetic enhancement for this case. This custom distro plate replaces the front glass panel, making it essential for water cooling setups. The Apex product line from Alphacool features premium products known for their top-notch materials and innovative technology. A standout feature of the series is the chrome-plated, brass G1/4" connections with O-rings embedded in acrylic to prevent leakage from cracking. Crafted from high-quality acrylic, the Distro Plate provides a clear view of the coolant and features digitally addressable RGB (aRGB) lighting for brilliant illumination.

The Apex Distro Plate Y60 streamlines the planning, assembly, and maintenance of complex water loops. Equipped with an expansion reservoir and an integrated VPP Apex pump, this distro plate eliminates the need for confusing tubing arrangements. The VPP Apex pump boasts a smooth-running ceramic axis and reduced vibrations due to the motor coils being relocated externally. This design not only enhances stability but also reduces power consumption compared to similar pumps on the market. The pump's speed range is controlled via the 4-pin fan connection, and it comes with a SATA power connector for easy setup. The Alphacool Apex Distro Plate Y60 is a simple replacement for the Y60 case's front glass panel, secured with the original screws. Please note that the Apex Distro Plate Y60 is only compatible with the Y60 case.

The Apex Distro Plate Y60 with Apex VPP pump is now available in the Alphacool online store.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 344.5 x 213.5 x 87.30 mm
  • Volume: 300ml
  • Threads: 6x G1/4" female thread / 1x fill port / 1x drain port
  • Number of digital aRGB LEDs: 11

Features of the pump:

  • Pump housing material: aluminium
  • Other materials: Plastic & Ceramic
  • Control range: 2500-4500 RPM via 4-pin PWM
  • Maximum delivery head: 4.25 m
  • Maximum flow rate: 340L/h
  • Operating voltage: 8-13 V DC (SATA Power Management)