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Earlier this week, it was reported that NVIDIA had provided its key partners and customers with next-generation AI GPUs. The CEO of Dell showed excitement when discussing the "Blackwell" B100 and B200 evaluation samples. The upcoming family of gaming GPUs from Team Green has not received as much media attention in early 2024. A report in mid-February mentioned a rumored PCIe 6.0 CEM specification for the upcoming RTX 50-series cards, but there have been few leaks since late last year. A well-known technology insider, kopite7kimi, has recently shared details about Blackwell's gaming configurations. In a tweet, they mentioned that the memory interface configuration of the GB20x is similar to that of the AD10x, despite some initial hopes for a 512-bit interface.

Past reports have suggested that the next-generation NVIDIA gaming GPUs will have memory interface configurations similar to the current "Ada Lovelace" models. Insider information now indicates that the flagship GeForce RTX GPU, GB202, will feature a 384-bit memory bus. This is the same as the current-gen AD102 GPU found in GeForce RTX 4090 cards. There is speculation that the GeForce RTX 50xx cards could see an upgrade to next-gen GDDR7 memory, with 16 Gbit memory chip densities likely to be used. JEDEC recently announced the "GDDR7 Graphics Memory Standard." VideoCardz has compiled a comparison table of the latest information across generations.