Speculative NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50-series "GB20X" GPU Details

Details about the memory interface of the upcoming NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50-series "GB20X" GPUs were leaked online last week by the kopite7kimi social media account. The information suggested that the memory interface configuration of the GB20X (Blackwell) GPUs would be similar to that of the AD10X (Ada Lovelace) GPUs. It was speculated that the flagship gaming GPU, GB202, could feature a 384-bit memory bus, while there were fantasies about a potential 512-bit memory bus for the GeForce RTX 5090. However, recent tweets have contradicted these earlier insights.

According to kopite7kimi's updated information, the flagship model from Team Green may have 192 streaming multiprocessors and a 512-bit memory bus. VideoCardz reached out to kopite7kimi for clarification, and it was suggested that the second-in-line GPU, GB203, could have half the core count of GB202 and a 256-bit memory bus. This would mean that there will be no GB20X GPU with a 384-bit bus. There is also speculation that the GB205 SKU (GeForce RTX 5070) could have a 192-bit bus.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50-series GPUs are expected to be released later this year, with rumors circulating about HPC-oriented Blackwell GPUs being announced at the upcoming GTC 2024 event. A formal announcement for the gaming family may come several months later.

The alleged Blackwell GPU gaming lineup includes the following SKUs: GB202, GB203, GB205, GB206, GB207.