Thermaltake ASTRIA CPU Coolers

Thermaltake Introduces ASTRIA CPU Coolers

Thermaltake has expanded its ASTRIA lineup with the introduction of the ASTRIA 200 ARGB and ASTRIA 400 ARGB CPU coolers, following the launch of the ASTRIA 600 ARGB dual-stack cooler last week. These coolers were first unveiled at the 2024 CES event.

The ASTRIA 200 ARGB features a smaller fin-stack and four 6 mm-thick heatpipes with a direct-touch base. On the other hand, the ASTRIA 400 ARGB has a heavier fin-stack, six 6 mm-thick heatpipes, and a nickel-plated copper indirect touch base. The ASTRIA 200 ARGB is rated for thermal loads of 210 W, while the ASTRIA 400 ARGB can handle up to 230 W.

Both coolers come with ARGB LED lighting in the form of a diffuser top-plate and LEDs in the fan. The ASTRIA 200 ARGB measures 124 mm x 93 mm x 160 mm, while the ASTRIA 400 ARGB measures 124 mm x 94 mm x 160 mm. They both include a 120 mm fan with 4-pin PWM input, operating at speeds between 500 and 1800 RPM, providing up to 65 CFM of airflow, 2.56 mm H₂O static pressure, and a maximum noise level of 26.8 dBA. The fan has a lifespan of 40,000 hours.

Both coolers support CPU socket types such as LGA1700, LGA1851, AM5, AM4, and LGA1200/115x.