TerraMaster F2-424 NAS

TerraMaster Introduces F2-424 NAS

TerraMaster, a leading brand specializing in innovative storage solutions for homes and businesses, has unveiled the F2-424, an upgraded version of the F2-423. The new F2-424 features an Intel Celeron N95 4-core 4-thread processor, 8GB DDR5 memory, two 2.5GB network ports, two M.2 NVMe sockets, USB Type-C and Type A interfaces, resulting in a 40% performance boost compared to its predecessor.

The F2-424 comes equipped with the latest TOS 5.1 operating system and is compatible with the upcoming TOS 6 system. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, the F2-424 NAS sets a new standard for data storage and management for personal and business users.

Key Features of F2-424:

  • Faster Application Response: The F2-424 boasts a more powerful CPU and DDR5 memory, delivering a performance improvement of over 140% compared to the previous model. Application load times, file retrieval speed, database response speed, and PHP response for web pages have all seen significant enhancements, enabling seamless handling of high-load workflows.
  • Higher Transmission Speed: With two 2.5 GbE interfaces, the F2-424 supports high-speed network bandwidth, reaching up to 283 MB/s. Link Aggregation offers a network bandwidth of up to 5 Gb, making it ideal for multi-user and high-concurrent file access.
  • Latest TOS System and Virtualized Applications: The F2-424 runs on TOS 5.1 and is compatible with TOS 6, offering virtualized application support and functionality through professional apps like VirtualBox and Docker, reducing IT investment costs for businesses.
  • Rich Backup Solutions: Various backup applications such as Centralized Backup, Duple Backup, Snapshot, CloudSync, and TFM Backup enhance data security. The F2-424 also supports multiple RAID types for added data protection.
  • Powerful Multimedia Service: With 4K video decoding capability, the F2-424 can stream videos to multimedia devices using uPnP/DLNA protocol, providing users with reliable entertainment experiences.
  • Easy M.2 SSD Installation: The F2-424 features a side sliding cover for easy installation of M.2 SSDs, with hand-tightened screws for quick setup.
  • Less Noise: The F2-424's new structure reduces noise levels in standby mode to just 19dB(A), 50% lower than previous models.

In addition to the F2-424, TerraMaster offers two other models in the 424 series: F4-424 (4-bay) and F4-424 Pro (4-bay), catering to the needs of home users, SOHO, and small businesses worldwide.