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According to Reuters, NVIDIA is currently facing challenges with Samsung's HBM3 chips as they have not yet completed the validation process for these chips. Multiple sources familiar with the situation have reported this issue, indicating that Samsung's HBM3 chips may be experiencing significant problems. The chips are reportedly running hot, which is a concern for NVIDIA given their existing difficulties in cooling high-end products. Additionally, the power consumption of the chips is not meeting expectations.

Samsung has been attempting to have its HBM3 and HBM3E components validated by NVIDIA since around 2023, according to Reuters' sources. This suggests that there have been ongoing issues for at least six months or longer. Sources have identified issues with both the 8- and 12-layer stacks of Samsung's HBM3E parts, leading to speculation that NVIDIA may need to rely on parts from Micron and SK Hynix for the time being. SK Hynix has been supplying HBM3 chips to NVIDIA since mid-2022 and HBM3E chips since March of this year.

The exact nature of the issues at Samsung's DRAM Fabs is unclear, whether they are related to production, packaging, or another factor. Reuters' report raises concerns about Samsung's development timeline compared to its competitors, suggesting that the product may have been rushed. However, Samsung has stated that it is customizing its products to meet customer needs and is working closely with customers to optimize its offerings. Samsung has denied claims of heat and power consumption issues, stating that testing is proceeding as expected.