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Noctua Unveils Innovative Cooling Solution at Computex

Noctua, a renowned provider of air cooling solutions, recently showcased a prototype of a groundbreaking "liquid" cooling product at Computex. Surprisingly, this unique cooler does not feature a pump, as Noctua's innovative design aims to deliver efficient cooling performance without it. During our visit to the Noctua booth at Computex, we had the opportunity to witness this prototype firsthand, and even in its early stages, it appears promising.

Instead of the conventional pump, Noctua's design incorporates a two-phase thermosiphon. This cutting-edge technology operates by heating a fluid, causing it to evaporate and circulate due to density variances. The evaporated fluid travels through a vapor tube to a condenser, where it undergoes cooling and returns to its liquid state. The liquid then flows back to the evaporator, completing the cycle. This mechanism bears resemblance to the functionality of a heatpipe, an area in which Noctua excels. Collaborating with an aviation cooling specialist named Calyos, Noctua's thermosiphon project leverages the phase change process to efficiently dissipate heat, making it ideal for cooling high-performance CPUs.

The primary objective is to achieve performance levels comparable to those of all-in-one (AIO) liquid coolers, but without the associated drawbacks such as pump noise, vibration, or reliability issues. However, due to its reliance on gravity, the radiator (either 240 mm or 360 mm) must be mounted at the top of the chassis. While fans are currently attached to the radiator in the prototype, the absence of a pump streamlines the cooling system.

At present, Noctua has indicated that this project is in its early development phase, with no specific timeline or pricing details available.