Article Rewritten

We have all experienced the struggle of dealing with long AIO CPU cooler tubing in order to find the perfect position, only to end up with excess tubing that protrudes in an unsightly U-shape. ASUS ROG may have a solution to this common issue. The company recently unveiled a concept AIO CPU cooler based on the ROG Ryujin III that addresses this problem by shortening the tubing. Unlike traditional coolers, the tubing terminals on this cooler are positioned centrally on the radiator, rather than at the edges.

This design allows for more flexibility in positioning the radiator, whether it be along the top panel of your case or facing three 120mm vents on the side. The reduced tubing length ensures that there is just enough reach from the pump-block to the radiator, even allowing clearance with memory modules. In our opinion, the ideal placement for this cooler would still be along the top panel.

Furthermore, this cooler complements the clean, cable-free look of ASUS BTF builds. With the radiator terminals facing the motherboard tray, you can achieve better concealment and a more streamlined appearance.